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Making Long-Term Connections

Civic engagement hinges on community collaboration. This is your chance to be a catalyst for change.


Action GSO

Action Greensboro acts as a catalyst for public-private partnerships that advance the city and the way it serves our residents.

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Leadership GSO

A three-part development program that uses education, volunteer leadership and alumni engagement to equip tomorrow’s leaders.

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A leadership program for diversity and inclusion that brings together voices from all walks of life to affect positive change.

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A campus-to-community guide for college students learning and living in Greensboro.

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An active network for young professionals interested in leadership development and advocacy.

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A reimagined take on mentorship that rewards and recognizes both experienced leaders and new employees in a safe space.

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Leads Groups

These groups are professionals working to promote the products and services offered by its members and to provide a highly productive, non-competitive networking environment.

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An outreach and retention program designed to connect individuals from local businesses who are interested in helping the Greensboro community grow and prosper.

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Circle of Champions


CT Wilson Construction Co.


Kelly Office Solutions

Ralph Lauren

Simply Southern

Staunton Capital, Inc.

We know and grow Greensboro.