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Session 1

Monday, Noon, 3-11-24

How We Saved $48,000 With AI In 30min

Launch Greensboro had a problem: They had a buggy product that was difficult for users to access and didn’t provide the information in an easy enough way to entice users back.  In 30 minutes, they had stood up a custom GPT utilizing their unstructured data and began training a chatbot that could take over the work of the existing product for considerably less money.


Joey Cheek is the EVP of Entrepreneurship for the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.  He is an Olympic Champion, multiple startup founder, and proud father.  His duties at the Chamber entail overseeing all things startup: Launch Greensboro and its programming, partnerships, and Startup Week.

Session 2

Monday, 3:30pm, 3-11-24

Sales Master Class

Learn from sales expert Chris Blanton about his revolutionary strategies for transforming normal people into sales superstars.


  • Crafting Compelling Elevator Pitch
  • Bypassing the Gatekeeper
  • Drive-by Automatic Selling


Mr. Blanton has sold tangibles and intangibles over decades of highly successful sales experience.

From novelty items to nine-figure IT outsourcing engagements, from tiny mom and pop companies to huge
multinationals like Sprint and Bank of America, he has worked for a variety of companies that sold a multitude of products and services.

He found his way to the top in his sales and sales management roles. After transitioning into senior leadership roles and entrepreneurship, he developed a reputation for turning regular people into superstars.


Session 1

Tuesday, Noon, 3-12-24

Semiconductor City

There are multiple silicon design firms based in GSO. How did we become a powerhouse for this type of work and what comes next.


Ryan Pratt is the Founder and CEO of Guerrilla RF, a fabless semiconductor design firm and leader in infrastructure RFIC’s and MMIC’s.

Session 2

Tuesday, 4:00pm, 3-12-24

The Law Lesson Every Business Owner Should Know

When do you really need an attorney? How do you protect your IP? How do you ensure that your business is protected in legal battles. Attorneys from Sponsor Tuggle Duggins will dive into these questions that could make or break your business.


Attorneys from the law firm Tuggle Duggins.


Session 1

Wednesday, Noon, 3-12-24

What No One (Hardly Ever) Tells You About Starting A Business

Multiple-time founder and current CEO Chris Laney shares how he built his company from $0 to multimillion in revenue in 24 months.


Zenergy president and CEO Chris Laney has thirty years of experience in the IT industry with a focus on improving software delivery methods. He has worked with his business partners and Zenergy co-founders Shaun and David for over twenty-seven years. He is passionate about sharing their industry expertise with companies who want to modernize their software delivery methods.

Chris is a graduate of East Carolina University. As an active local community member, he has been president of multiple non-profit boards and served on the North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center advisory board at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In 2006, Chris was recognized by the Triad Business Journal as one of its Forty Leaders under 40. In 2017, as a US Navy veteran, he received the inaugural Freedom Award from American Heroes for North Carolina.

Session 2

Wednesday, 4:00pm, 3-12-24

Getting the Bank to say “Yes”

Sponsor Towne Bank will dig into what types of business can get money and what you need to ensure successful debt financing.


Towne Bank President, Scott Baker.

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