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M.G. Newell is a distributor and fabricator of hygienic processing equipment for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care companies. When a company has to produce a product like milk, hummus, beer, or a vaccine, it needs to be produced in a process and in equipment that is hygienically designed. In other words, we don’t make the products themselves, but we make the equipment and design the process to help make many of the everyday products that you consume.

Our business is three-fold. First, we carry a range of pumps, valves, fittings, tanks and other equipment needed for production of these items. Second, our process engineers design, fabricate, and install customized processing skids and production lines. Third, our Newell Automation controls engineers identify the appropriate instrumentation and control functionality for the process. This includes automation hardware, software controls, control panel design and fabrication. We provide turn-key solutions for cleaning, batching, blending, pasteurization, and other processes.


Our company has stayed very busy during the pandemic. As pharma companies scaled up to produce sanitizer and vaccines, we worked alongside them. Meanwhile, food manufacturers pivoted and scaled up many items. Our team has grown and is still growing! We recently hired Max Webber as our new General Manager of Newell Automation to help lead us through the growth of this business. We are also expanding! We have outgrown our current location at Citation Court. In late 2021, we purchased a building on Gallimore Dairy Road in Greensboro. Our corporate division will remain in the building on Citation Court.


Being a member of the Greensboro Chamber remains a key for us. It connects us to other businesses and business leaders in the area. We believe that by supporting and helping each other, we can all grow together. When possible, we always prefer to work with other local companies based here in the Triad. From banking, insurance, hotels and restaurants, promotional items, printing, and more.

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