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The Kellin Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides free, high-quality mental/behavioral health services to children, adolescents, adults and families who otherwise would not have access to care. The nationally recognized clinic treats 1,500+ individuals each year who have been exposed to traumatic events (such as abuse, neglect, community violence, the sudden death of a loved one) to help break cycles of trauma and move from crisis to wellness. In addition to clinical services, the trauma-responsive programs and community outreach efforts provided critical services to another 8,000+ individuals in 2021.


Before launching the Kellin Foundation, Dr. Kelly Graves, executive director, and co-founder, held tenure track positions at both UNC Greensboro and North Carolina A&T. She saw a need for a community clinic to serve community members who didn’t have access to high-quality mental and behavioral health services. She chose Greensboro for several reasons, including wanting to plant deep roots for her growing family. In addition, having access to local colleges and universities with nationally recognized counseling programs made it an easy choice. Greensboro is also a place where people genuinely want the best for each other, including access to services. The deep commitment of community businesses helps the Kellin Foundation deliver upon our mission. As a result, the Kellin Foundation is one of only two clinics in North Carolina with the designation of a National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) provider (the other site is Duke University). This gives the Greensboro community access to the latest evidence-based tools and resources to heal childhood trauma and break generational cycles of violence.


In response to COVID-19, over one weekend in March 2020, the Kellin Foundation team started offering services through Telehealth. This enabled the team to continue working with children, adolescents, adults, and families who needed services during this critical and stressful time. In mid-2021, the nonprofit started offering clients the choice of receiving in-person services or services through Telehealth; many have continued via Telehealth since it helps people overcome barriers like lack of transportation or child care. The need for mental and behavioral health services continues to skyrocket as the pandemic continues and as the community experiences collective grief for the losses incurred during this time. The Kellin Foundation also serves individuals struggling with substance use, which also has been on the rise. Mental/behavioral health needs continue to rise in Greensboro and across the country. In addition, there’s recognition that building resilience at the community level is critical in preparing for our community’s post-pandemic future. To meet this need, in 2021, the Kellin Foundation expanded its Trauma Provider Network — a collaborative that has been in place for 14 years in Greensboro — to launch the Resilient Guilford Network (RGN). RGN brings together leaders from across systems intending to build a trauma-resilient community.

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