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Greensboro Symphony Dmitry Sitkovetsky Music Director


In addition to inspiring Classical concerts and the best of Broadway and POPS, the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (GSO) also offers a comprehensive suite of music education programs. Highlights include the OrKIDStra and its weekly music classes and annual concerts for 4-year-olds in Head Start across four counties; the Beginning Strings Program at two elementary schools offering group classes and private lessons; the Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra program of multiple ensembles; School Concert Programs serving tens of thousands of students each year; and community programs, including performances at retirement homes, a juvenile detention center (pre-COVID), and CaringSound at Cone Hospital.


The roots of the GSO extend back to a group of musicians in the 1920s at Woman’s College (now UNCG). In 1939, their Dean of Music formally organized the group as the Greensboro Orchestra. Twenty years later, the Greensboro Symphony was born as an independent organization to promote and foster musical culture and education in the community. Under the leadership of Miles Wolff, its first president and editor of the Greensboro News & Record, the Society was incorporated as a nonprofit organization that same year – 1959. With its rich history of support and its deep involvement in the Arts, Greensboro has, and will forever be, our home!


After over 1.5 years without live concerts, the Greensboro Symphony took to the stage again in September 2021 and has continued live performances ever since! The GSO is proud to hold all its Masterworks and POPS performances at the new Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. This state-of-the-art facility houses a specially-designed Meyer Constellation sound distribution system that is considered the best in the business! The GSO worked closely with the Greensboro Coliseum management to acquire it, making the Tanger Center one of the few venues in the world that can equally host Broadway shows and classical symphonic concerts. Come check it out for yourself!

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