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Axis Pilates is a boutique classical Pilates studio located on Simpson Street just between Fisher Park and downtown Greensboro. Pilates is a system of fitness and wellness designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The equipment and exercises, conceived and developed by Joe himself, are meant to increase stamina, core strength, mobility, and spinal health. Many exercises use heavy springs for resistance and building strength. At Axis Pilates, we use “classical” equipment… meaning most like Joe’s original design. Clients will have the opportunity to use all the equipment available at Axis during their session… including the Cadillac, the Universal Reformer, and the Wunda Chari… to name a few. We use concepts like alignment and opposition to safely and effectively build strong bodies. The best part is that Pilates is for everybody! At Axis Pilates, each workout is curated specifically for each client’s individual needs. Whether a client is brand new to fitness and movement, a seasoned athlete, or someone looking to gain mobility or balance after an injury, Pilates is the path to feeling great in your body. This is a complete and beautiful method of movement that will have you feeling strong and grounded.



Just like all small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic was tough for Axis Pilates. But adversity can be a gift when you learn to grow and adapt. At Axis, we are so grateful for our amazing clients and community that have continued to cheer us on during this difficult time. Also, online sessions and classes are offered so that clients can keep up without Pilates while staying safe at home. We have had the opportunity to offer many outdoor mat classes and look forward to doing the same this year. Equity and access are super important to us and we love providing classes for the community. We will partner again this year with the Parks Department to bring you Pilates in the Park at Lebauer Park so stayed tuned for those details!

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