Last-Minute Holiday Gifts from Greensboro’s Small Businesses 

December 11, 2023


As the holiday season kicks into high gear, it’s crucial to remember the vital role that small businesses play in our community. Americans spend over $120 billion at small businesses during the holiday season. Moreover, small businesses contribute substantially to the workforce, employing nearly half of the private sector workforce in North Carolina. According to data from the US Census small businesses accounted for 1.78 million jobs in the state. Here in Greensboro, our small business climate is thriving, creating a unique and vibrant community unlike any other that not only deserves your business, but is also so much fun to support!

Supporting Small Businesses in Greensboro this Holiday Season

In Greensboro, small businesses not only contribute to the local economy but also have a diverse range of products and services that can make for perfect last-minute gifts. Whether you’re looking for wrappable items or memorable experiences, our local businesses have you covered. The city’s small business landscape is rich with creativity and innovation, making it an incredible destination for those seeking unique and thoughtful gifts.
Before logging online to an international retailer, you can find plenty of nationally recognized brands while also supporting the local economy. Shopping local not only guarantees that you’ll find one-of-a-kind gifts, but also supports the entrepreneurs who make our community thrive.

Where to Find Last-Minute Gifts in Greensboro

For those in search of tangible last-minute gifts, our Chamber of Commerce member directory is a valuable resource. Browse through our membership directory to find local businesses offering all kinds of gifts! Forge Greensboro has handmade crafts and artisanal goods, or you can give a taste of true southern charm by supporting locally-founded Simply Southern.

The Gift of Experiences: Other Holiday Gift Ideas in Greensboro

If you’re looking to go beyond physical gifts, consider the gift of experiences. Greensboro boasts a variety of exciting options that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Treat your loved ones to a night out at the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, where world-class performances are sure to dazzle. Alternatively, a trip to the Greensboro Science Center or the North Carolina Zoo provides a fun and educational adventure for the whole family. Experiences not only create cherished memories but also make for excellent last-minute gifts, especially for those who seem to have everything.

How Supporting Local Businesses Helps Greensboro at Large

Shopping local goes beyond finding unique gifts; it’s an investment in the local economy. The Local Multiplier Effect benefits the Greensboro economy when you choose to invest your dollars in a locally owned and independent business, as opposed to opting for a chain store or online giant. In this scenario, your money has the potential to circulate within the local economy at a rate 2-4 times higher than funds spent at non-local companies. This circulation of dollars throughout the community results in the creation of additional local wealth, increased charitable contributions, and the generation of more job opportunities. Moreover, local businesses often offer Greensboro-specific gifts that showcase the city’s character and charm, making your presents even more meaningful.

This holiday season, let’s celebrate the spirit of community and support our local businesses. By choosing Greensboro’s small businesses for your last-minute gifts, you not only find unique and memorable presents but also contribute to the strength and vitality of our city. Happy holidays from the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, and happy shopping!

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