Water & Sewer – City of Greensboro

In Greensboro, water is pumped from three watershed reservoirs to one of two treatment plants where the water is cleaned, tested, and pumped into the distribution system. The City’s plants treat and deliver an average of about 32 million gallons of water per day.

Water capacity of the City of Greensboro system is 52 mgd
Sewer capacity of the City of Greensboro system is 56 mgd

Of the 15 largest utilities in North Carolina, Greensboro has the third lowest rate in the state. Additional Savings from the City of Greensboro for utilities include:

No permit fee
No application fee
No sampling fee from the City of Greensboro


Greensboro has superior telecom services including direct connectivity to the Tier 1 Internet backbone, SONET/DWDM ring topologies, VoIP, Wi-Fi, multiple dedicated Internet options, enterprise mobility, and close proximity to several providers’ points of presence (POP). Telecom providers in the Greensboro area, include

NorthState Communications
Time Warner Telecom


Waste Water Treatment

The City of Greensboro has two treatment facilities, the North Buffalo Creek Water Reclamation Facility serving the northern half of Greensboro and the TZ Osborne facility. The City of Greensboro has a innovative program for system-wide pollutant allocations. Essentially designed as a pollutant trading system, the waste water program will review effluents from a company’s historical data and allot what levels are needed for their production process. This is a true asset for industrial users as the management will monitor discharges on a system-wide basis. No levels will exceed federal categorical limits, but allow the local system users flexibility. For instance, if production changes and additional allocation is needed, there is much better opportunity for increase if the system can handle the increased discharge.

The City of Greensboro pulls from three watershed reservoirs and has agreements with two neighboring water systems for additional capacity.

Water capacity of the City of Greensboro system is 52 mgd
Sewer capacity of the City of Greensboro system is 56 mgd


Piedmont Natural Gas

No matter the size of your business, companies need natural gas experts who can deliver tailor-made solutions, services and programs that keep your vital infrastructure up and running. In the Greensboro area – those natural gas experts are Piedmont Natural Gas.

Piedmont Natural Gas’ able team of engineers are able to offer the following types of assistance:

Natural gas availability
Energy analysis
Site analysis
Drawings and site surveys
Applicable tariff information


Duke Energy

Duke Energy understands the importance of supporting economic development in the communities they serve. As such, Duke Energy offers a variety of rates for business and industry. We have small, medium and large general service schedules including time-of-use choices.

Duke Energy also helps businesses manage their energy bills by offering incentives for energy-efficiency improvements that include new construction or retrofit projects. For additional information on how Duke Energy can assist your company, click here.

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