NorAg Technology LLC

NorAg Technology LLC


NorAg Technology LLC is a family business founded in 2007 to manufacture industrial cleaning solutions and agricultural chemicals, as well as other custom blended products. The company plant is located in Pelham, NC about ¼ mile from Highway 29 and approximately 1 mile south of Danville, VA. The owner/operators focus on building long-term relationships while satisfying their customers.

President Floyd Guidry has over 50 years of experience in Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Management, and sales with; Dow Chemical, Ciba-Geigy, Novartis, Ciba Specialty Chemicals and BASF, where he was named national sales manager while at BASF. Major customers while at BASF included Scott Miracle Grow, Brandt, Kodak and Hydrochem (an utility maintenance company).

Eresterine Guidry, a former school teacher and counselor with 30+ years of experience in retail sales, serves as the Company’s CFO.

Core Capabilities

NorAg supplies cleaning compounds for the nuclear and fossil fuel electrical boiler tubes utilized by electrical utility companies. The compounds are also used to clean other type of equipment such as heat exchangers, evaporators, concrete admixtures, large printing ink machines and metal cleaning. The agriculture chemicals are known as a fertilizer that are classified as micronutrients.

While based in the eastern United States, NorAg works with companies across the country and the world. Clients have included micronutrient distributors, nuclear power generating companies, manufacturers of detergents and chemical distributors in Canada, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. NorAg was the preferred supplier of a boiling cleaning chemical for all nuclear facilities in South Korea.


Floyd Guidry, President and CEO
Eresterine Guidry, CFO

Phone: (M) 336-340-9027, (O) 336-388-1111

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